Lets Go, Go, Go White Sox

Many South Side fans are aware of the Sox and their history. But have you ever heard of the White Sox fight song?

Did you know they had one? Chances are, probably not.

I decided to post the lyrics right here for you, so you can sing along:

White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox
We’re with you all the way!
You’re always in there fighting,
And you do your best.
We’re glad to have you out there in the Middle West.
We’re gonna root-root-root-root White Sox.
And cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you!

White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!

Root-Root-Root for the White Sox.
We’ll cheer you on to victory.
When we’re in the stands,
We’ll make those rafters ring;
All through the season,
You will hear us sing.
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox,
Chicago’s proud of you! (Play ball!)
White Sox! White Sox!
Go-Go White Sox!
Let’s go, Go-Go White Sox!
Chicago is proud of you!


Well the Sox have had this song since 1959, when the team won the American League Pennant.  The song was wrote by  one of the team’s former minor  player Al Trace. He had some help from a friend of his named Walter Jagiello. Together the two produce the song, but it failed to sell as a hit with the public.

This song doesn’t come off as bold as the Chicago Bulls starting introduction song. Its doesn’t have the have the happy-pop feel like the Cubs’ Go Cubs Go song. It wont get you pumped like the Blackhawks’ goal  song, but it’s a slight reminiscent of the Bears’ fight song. Maybe its a cousin of it or some sort.

It never received a lot of play time in the stadium until 2005 when the Sox played the Los Angeles Dodgers in a ‘turn back the clock” game. In that game, former catcher A.J. Pierzynski hit a walk-off homer and the song blared over the speakers.

When the team won the 2005 World Series, the song was played on many local news highlight clip reels.

To many, most never knew about the song. It’s there, you just have to dig for it, just like the Sox will have to do to get themselves out of the hole they’re currently in. They stand four games back of the division lead and they will have to fight hard and tough to get the A.L. crown. Hit the music…



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What Stands Between the Sox and the Playoffs?…

Sox Celebrate Win (Photo via Creative Commons)

Sox Celebrate Win
(Photo via Creative Commons)

The White Sox (31-33) are coming off a three game slide as they return home from a seven day six-game road trip. The Sox will have to toughen up against their biggest foe, whom stands in their way of making the playoffs. That opponent is…. the American League Central.

The Sox are sitting at 14-11 against the division. They are currently third in the division with four and a half games separating them being in the top spot.

That is not bad but they could do better. Against the division, they have a a better record than the division leading Detroit Tigers, who are 12-9. The South Siders are also one loss better than the Cleveland Indians who are 14-12 versus division competition.

The A.L. Central is empowered by teams who excelled against those franchises that are under .500. The Sox are included, as they really take it to teams who are sub-par. This means that the statistically the Sox are will see their record against their division decline, because they are under .500 currently themselves.

Another news worthy stat from Baseball-Reference, is that the A.L. Central teams are not strong when it comes to playing in extra innings. With that said, if the Sox can force extra innings against the division rivals, then they have the odds on their side to win the game.

However all the late game collapses as well as big runs given up in one innings, will not help the Sox’ cause.

The Sox can beat the competition in their division and that’s going to be a big factor in the play-off push. A big chunk of the season nearly 30 games are division games and those game really count.

If you can add more losses to your division rival’s record, this will help you move up.

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West Coast Trip: Quick Look Back


white_sox_wallpaper-29771The White Sox (31-33) experienced more downs than ups in the last week. They were away for U. S. Cellular as they faced the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

They face both teams in separate three game series. In between each series, they got a day off to recover, which actually proved to prolong the headaches they would soon endure.

They started with facing the Dodgers. The big news that came on that game was the return of the rookie sensation Jose Abreu. He came back with a vengeance after spending time on the 15 day disable-list with an ankle injury.

He homered in the first two games of the series, giving him 17 homers on the year.

The Sox proved to able to withstand the long travel conditions of flying coast to coast and the Dodgers as they won the series 2-1. This included a nice 4-1 win in game 2 as Abreu had three runs batted in for the contest.

Then the Sox rested up and played the Angels, where is was apparent that the halos didn’t hang over the their heads. The series proved to show that Sox bullpen is super suspect. In the opening game of the three -game series, the bullpen gave up eight runs as the Sox got beaten badly 8-4.

Only bright spot of the game was Adam Dunn going yard for career home run 450. The big hit came in the ninth inning when the Sox were down 8-2.

The pain continued as game 2 kicked off. The Sox jumped out to a 5-o lead including another home run from Dunn. As the eighth inning approached, the Sox’ ace Chris Sale was 92 pitches in until he game up a grand slam to Mike Trout. This tied the game and the Angels would eventually score one more to secure the win.

Another blown game by the Sox and miscues are the cause.

They lost the last game as well, proving to be a walk in park for Angels. The Sox have serious improvements to make as they come back home to face Detroit on Monday. They have started off June the way it should.

The downs are outweighing any of the positives they are making. They cannot continue at this pace if they want to contend for the A.L Central crown.

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White Sox Mailbag

Mailbox (Photo via Flickr)

(Photo via Flickr)

Hey South Siders, I am answering some of the recent questions I received over the last few days via twitter, email, and comments on post. Keep the questions coming and soon your question may get answered.

Why do the Sox continue to lose games by giving up big innings? [David D. from Skokie, ILL]

I cannot tell you why they do it. I can tell you that they do it often and it bites them in the end. On June 7 against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, they were winning the game in the eighth inning until there was a total collapse. Alexei Ramirez committed a fielding error followed by Chris Sale giving up a grand slam. That run tied the game at five, then the Angels scored again and the Sox couldn’t recover in the ninth.

Currently the Sox are second highest in the league with 52 errors committed. This translate into losses any way put it.

Is Adam Dunn worthy of being an All-Star? [Trina K. from Cicero, Ill]

Dunn just hit a milestone with 450 home runs, but that doesn’t make him an All-Star. He has 11 home runs and 41 hits. Thats not enough to be other first baseman out. His own teammate, Jose Abreu has more hits and home runs than that.

So Dunn is a instrumental part of the Sox success, but not good enough to be an All-Star this season.

What do you think of the Sox’s gray uniforms? [Daniel G. from Evergreen Park,  Ill]

I hate the MLB’s gray uniforms in general. I think it’s a complete waste of a uniform. It’s a bailout with  creativity. It’s so easy to give a team an off-gray color and slap their name on it and call it a uniform.

The Sox should do away with theirs as well. Their team colors are black and white. It’s retro colors are red, navy, and white. They need to be more creative and come up with a better looking jersey than the gray one.

You think Adam Eaton is a good lead-off hitter or should bat lower in the line-up like 5th, 6th, or 7th? [Miguel R. from South Holland, Ill]

On the season, Eaton has 46 hits including seven doubles, 5 stolen bases, and an .310 on-base percentage. He posses hustle and works the pitch count, that’s something that doesn’t show up in the statistics.  He makes it hard for pitchers to blow him off and count him as an automatic out.

He has base running leadership in how he tries to push for extra bases allowing his teammates to get additional bases while the opposing team focuses on trying to get him out.


Again, I want to to thank you all for your questions. Keep them coming and keep checking out my pages. Thanks!!!





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Sox @ Angels: Twitter Tells the Story

Final Score of Sox at Angels (Photo Courtesy of White Sox Twitter Account)

Final Score of Sox at Angels
(Photo Courtesy of White Sox Twitter Account)

Hey Sox Fans,

Here is all the action of the Sox vs the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game on June 7 via Twitter.